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Drowning for safety

Mckenna S., Port St. Lucie, FL By MckennaS, Port St Lucie, FL

Isn’t it in my constitution?
A sign of my consideration
To drag you underwater
Into your lively grave of
The dancing dead
And fill your eyes in with concrete
(For chivalry’s ashes wouldn’t do)
To ward off the demons
that blind you so effortlessly, my dear
May I perpetuate your standstill
Make a move to that rugged Prozac that
freezes you to marble
Planting a kiss on your statue cheek
But worry not
Our merry fiction summer story
stands above water
Waving its goodbye as
Our unblinking eyes
And seaweed-stained locks
Touch solid sea-bottom
And only then can we
Laugh at
The destruction spreading above us

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