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I Cannot See Air, But Air Can See Me

January 27, 2013

Mckenna S., Port St. Lucie, FL By MckennaS, Port St Lucie, FL

Heart beats in time
With the steps I take
Those which I cannot see
(Did I make you up
Inside my head?)
A rush of wind past my shoulder
A mere figment of extraordinary thought
Focused on the walk that
Is not in my sight
Or the reality
Of the blind world I take on
With one foot placed in front of the other
Rendering myself a walking disaster
As I determinedly keep my eyes shut
To observe the world
Through different senses
To make sense of the world
To see things I cannot ordinarily see
Through shadows and fumbles
With sunshine blazing towards
The thin eyelids I keep low
A smile across my face
Discovery of a new world beyond

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