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I Am From

Haley R., Goffstown, NH By hvolleyball17, Goffstown, NH

I am from,
hard times and happy rhymes,
lines and lines of books at night,
days of waiting and waiting for the next storm to come and when it does,
I am here to meet it.
I am from,
the nights I stay up late wondering what will happen next,
I do things that I’ll I regret,
I’ll look back and ask myself why,
why did that storm come that young?
And grow until I get old?
I am from,
that one storm that’ll last,
last until I pass,
unless I help it,
push it along,
so far until it’s gone,
gone out of my sight and if it comes back I’ll give it a fight.
I am from,

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Very nice!
Feb. 19, 2013 at 12:11 PM • Report