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Ten Seconds to Forgotten

Nik T., Landenberg, PA By Devalara, Landenberg, PA

People have no problem forgetting. Events can be overlooked, actions reasoned with, whole memories: discarded. People can forget about sadness, people can forget about that animal part of themselves, people can forget about themselves. Yes, people can forget, and people can forgive.
But what of the soldier? What of the boy who marched off to the South half-dressed in a uniform and half ready to forget with a smile? A boy who thought he’d be home for Christmas; a boy who thought the field was home, after all. To us, the world is a distraction: a fly, buzzing across the scope of a much larger infinity. Count to ten, and it’ll be gone. This is how you learn to cope with fear. Wounded on the field? Count to ten, you’ll be gone when the numbers max out. Close your eyes, maybe, but count to ten. This is how you’re going to forget.

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