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A Me The World Sees

By snowgirl, mooers, NY

Bullying its here its there its everywhere,in different forms all around the world. There isn't a place that isn't tainted by its wraith.I live in the country surrounded by rolling hills and the golden crops of harvest.Bullying its here but to a lesser degree. Out here were your neighbors could be as far away as one mile or as close together a twenty feet. We know of cyber bullying. One where you don't get to see the hurt on peoples faces, seeing the pain its causing them.
I'm a nice girl and all but i can't say i haven't been in my fair share of fights. I was in a fight once where me and my two friends were involved. It happened online on a website called Horseland. It happened threw private messages and public chat. Its funny you know i don't really remember why we were fighting, but some hurtful things were said and i ended up in tears.

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