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The Other Side This work is considered exceptional by our editorial staff.

By Rachel B, Rodeo, CA

Enough. I've had enough reading articles about how Christians are homophobic, sexists, bullies, manipulators, liars and cheaters, without hearing the other side. This is the other side.
In every religion, majority, culture, demographic, community, group, minority and clique there are homophobic, sexists, bullies, manipulators, liars and cheaters. I don't mind people telling their stories of a Christian that bullied them, ignored or teased them. What I mind is people blaming the religion for this act of inexcusable hatred.
In any religion, atheist or agnostic group, there are people with ethics, and there are people without any ethics. Not all Muslims are terrorists, not all Christians are hateful. And bottom line:
The Christian majority is bullied too.

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