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Don’t Always Say ‘Don’t Do Drug!’

Anonymous, Hannibal, MO By Anonymous, Hannibal, MO

Every teenager has heard their parents say ‘don’t do drugs’ at least once in their life, I hope. I know that my parents plowed don’t do drugs into my head since day one and many of my friends’ parents have put it into their heads too. I just wish that everyone had someone to tell them the effects on alcohol, tobacco and drug usage but, there are more kids out in the world that have parents who are addicted to drugs and alcohol and don’t care and never get that chance. One thing I do know is a reason that I tried tobacco and alcohol in my past was for the fact of I always got told to not to do it. I never go told about the side effects and, that is what I really needed to be told about and, the different types of drugs, alcohol, and tobacco.

My experience of using tobacco was good to a certain point. I know that I shouldn’t have ever done tobacco but, all my friends and siblings were and I didn’t see the harm.

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