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GOOD day

By greatwriter, Chicago, IL

Have you ever had that feeling when you need to write but never actually know what to write? It happens to me all the time so, let me tell you a story...

It was mid-December (or January, I don't remember) and my day had been crappy since I woke up: I woke up late, it was snowing heavily so my mother had to drive me to school and I was almost late. When I got to school, I had to run over to the opposite end of the school than usual through the cold snow and wind. Then, second period a "Ms. Something-or-other" had to tell me that my project was horrible and I should just redo it. Then, at lunch, the most obnoxious, stupid, silly, loud and annoying jerk had to sit at the same table as me (all that because of his even more annoying and stupid "crush"). Then, last period, I had to read a part for a audio book and the teacher had me redo it and redo it a hundred times over.

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