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By writer65, Brampton, Canada

District 3
Chapter 1

Demon, Beast, Animal, Monster, Human; these are the few words used to describe those who keep peace in my home. No, I suppose the way things are now, this home is no longer my own. I don’t blame myself. I mean, why should I? I have no control nor do I have power. No, I blame the people who stand above us like gods. They took nothing from us; they only polluted what we already owned. Our life styles, our technology, our freedom; the peacekeepers have made it so that hope is harder to find than despair.

Andrew Leroy awoke in his bed tired and in a daze. He had been working for hours the night before and had to be carried home by his father after he collapsed from exhaustion. He stands up lazily, not ready for the day ahead.

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