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A Book of Dreams

By writer65, Brampton, Canada

Chapter 2

The Beginning of My End
Okay, it all started way back when the Earth was still one. You know what I mean: Green Trees, Blue Skies, an absence of Hera’s monsters running ramped on the streets. I was reading in my chamber at the time actually, doing some Godly work. Zeus may have control over the sky you know but I would love to see him write a 35 million word essay on the biology of fungi. Trust me, it’s much more interesting than it seems. Anyhow, I was in my office studying the history of Olympus when a knock came to my door. Of course I didn’t answer it! I mean the nerve of some people. How dare they try to disturb me when my nose is in between a good book? The logical thing to do was to stay locked up and pretend I wasn’t home. To help me, I imagined myself at a Pizzeria.

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