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The Dancer

By TheMysteriousElfie, Cleveland, OH

He dances around the room like a maniac in love. He twirls and spins like a little tike on the suburban sidewalks. The people watch him color the gray atmosphere.
She begins to dance with him. He can see the happiness expressed within her dimples. Something tells her that he is meant to be there in her presence.
The drums vibrate in her brain cells, the melody fills her tiny body with huge bliss, and the laughter releases dopamine from within her.
The lights flicker on and off, however she continues to shine as she moves her feet.
He can see that his mission was accomplished as he clenches around her.


She dances around the street like a fool in the desert sun. Someone can’t help but point out her silliness amongst the busy streets: “Um, miss, what are you doing?

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