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Depths of the Mind Part V

By mystyksuniverse, Tuolumne, CA

Bloodied feet walk on without hesitation as ragged clothes cling for dear life. Never ceasing, failing to give in to exhaustion and defeat, he stumbles on, eyes clouded to the world’s truth. He overcomes treacherous mountains and unforgiving snowstorms, not knowing where his bare feet carry him. Rain pours from the heavens, chilling his very soul with angel tears.

The sweet scent of lavender dances around him as the rain slows to a mere mist. Rocky terrain becomes soft grass, clouds part and invite the sun’s warm rays to kiss the earth. Unable to continue, he collapses onto a bed of daisies and lavender, allowing the foliage to encase him in hope and serenity.

Voices sound somewhere nearby, yet he lays still and soaks up the sun’s life-giving rays.

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