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An Abundance of Sons

By Regina_Chen, Oakland twp., MI

“Mr. Boulder?” Dr. Sanchez was tense as he phoned his long-time friend. Dr. Sanchez’s hesitant tone tipped Mr. Boulder off. After many years of dealing with disgruntled parents, babysitters, and custodians, he was able to determine many things based off Dr. Sanchez’s voice: he seemed more apologetic than angry which meant that something extremely bad or extremely unfair could have happened. Mr. Boulder realized that his colleague was calling him as a parent rather than as a friend.
Mr. and Mrs. Boulder had three sons. Thankfully, the Boulders were specially equipped to deal with children, Mr. Boulder being a high-school teacher and Mrs. Boulder being a social worker.
In the town where the Boulders lived, the high school and the middle school were across the street from one another. As such, Mr.

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