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Alena D., Hemet, CA By aladine_98, Hemet, CA

Just by looking at me, you may not believe I’m capable of love. But I am: I loved her.

I loved the way she brought me everywhere. School, jogging, shopping, studying, it didn’t matter. I was always there by her side, inseparable. She had me in the palm of her hand.

I played music for her. Anything she wanted, whenever she wanted it. Sometimes she would sing along, and that made me very happy. She never sang in front of anyone else, but that was the way I liked it.

On the rare occasion, she would dance to my melody. Those were the best times, because then I got to hear her bright laughter, and see that stunning smile. She would say, It’s such a catchy beat, and I would think, It’s my heartbeat.

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