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Too Late To Back Down

Madiha Y., Karachi, Pakistan By MadihaYameen, Karachi, Pakistan

Woke up in London yesterday,
Found myself in a city near Piccadilly,
Don’t really know how I got there.
Got a few pictures on my phone,
New names and numbers that I don’t know,
Addresses to places like abbey road,
Day turns to night, night turns to whatever we want,
We are young enough to say…….. oh this is gotta be a good life…… a good good life.

Good life by One Republic was playing loudly on his Chevy’s mp3 player. He thought “is this a good life?” the answer came out by itself.
Chris Hernandez was 21, with jet-black hair, electric blue eyes and slightly tanned skin; he was Mexican born American; a Yankee. His family never accepted him in their house, and his friends named him a lunatic, dropped out of high school, he kept rolling in the deep.

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