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the rules of survival by nancy wherlin

By wolverines, everett, WA

They didn’t always have the best life. Imagine your mom putting a knife against your throat just for taking a cookie. Imagine her making you drink alcohol just so you would fall asleep. Imagine her hit you and scratch you in the face for no reason. This might sound impossible but these three kids had to go through it.
Since they were born they were abused not only physically but mentally. Mathew, Callie, and Emmy are trying to escape their mother’s madness. The only key they have is the ones who will comfort them.
This book will make you think will they make it will they survive? This story will make you feel heartbroken, in some parts I had to cry. I felt this was impossible for any mom do this to her child. My reaction when reading this book was like feeling numb. Some nights I stay up reading this book.

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