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Don't trust me.

Autumn G., Wasilla, AK By auto_ink, Wasilla, AK

Sometimes I don't know what to think, after all I was raised to respect my elders; my teachers, my family and most of all, my parents. I respect them. But why won't they respect me? Is it that I'm only a teenager? What is it about me that says, no, screams and stomps "DON'T TRUST ME!"?
After all, what have I ever done to make myself untrustwrothy? sure, I get bad grades, I'm not that smart, not everybody can be a straight A student. But why can't I go to a friends house? Why can't I go right across the street?
Is there something wrong with me that I was never told of? Why can't you give me a proper reason? I mean I do everything you want me to do. You say don't date, and I won't date anyone. You say don't sneak out, and I won't. What have I ever done to make you want to keep me at home so I can sit and read and grow fat and unhealthy in this ugly little house?

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