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Collecting Dust

Don W., Rolla, MO By Babycoolidge, Rolla, MO

You haven’t been feeling well
for months- almost a year now.
Viruses run amok inside you,
as you witness the last remnants of the greatest
power you ever experienced,
No one cared when you caught a wide variety
of viruses,
computer program cancer, worm flu, cookie stroke,
in the past, you were the most powerful program,
the mighty Windows XP,
but things change,
Windows 8.
But, nothing changes for you,
sitting there, collecting dust.
I would play online games
with you, but you would lag,
I would get frustrated and shut you off,
you, collecting dust,
and now cling to the last remaining
bits of information in your computer program
the instruction manual of your “life”,
but since you can’t get revived,
and there is no hope, that you will recover.
You sit there,
collecting dust.

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