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milky way

Benjamin W., Tomah, WI By thenaturalmystic, Tomah, WI

Whatever happened to us?
Where did all of our time go? I think that it just disappeared, leapt into the fields of the Milky Way.
It took flight and never came back, now it is bounding through the asteroid fields, now it’s falling into the fallen stars.
There was never a you and a me, we never were, never had that chance.
By the time it took flight, it was already too late. There was never a “together”.
Just the Us That Never Was…
When the world is sleeping, I look to those stars,
And every night I see, way up there, a you and me…
Every morning when the sun awakens to the world, I think of you and I die.
I felt you inside my mind; you look at me and tell me there is no way.
Not through voice but through your despairing eyes.
I feel dumb, I gave you my heart, and like a hungry wolf you swallowed it whole and then asked for more…

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