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Moth, I Shall Be

By JackieH, Philadelphia, PA

Why is it that when I see purple I automatically associate it with NYU instead of Barney or whatever freshman associate it with? I would say it’s because I’m an overachiever who can’t help herself when she gets reminded of leaving her home and her family to go to college. Others would argue it’s because I’m a crazy woman whose insanity has turned into color-blindness. If I were a teenager who took everything as a jab and a knife in my ear maybe it would offend me, but my superiority complex has too much of a strong foundation for that.
Everyone thinks rudeness stems from jealousy. My peers have told me on multiple occasions that they think I would rather be a normal girl than the workaholic I’ve grown to be. First, I make it clear to them that I’m the normal one and they’re the clichés. Then I tell them how it is.

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