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"A Not-So-Healthy-Glow"

Samantha I., Brooklyn, NY By SammyI99, Brooklyn, NY

Philippa’s article “A Not-So-Healthy Glow” is unfortunately true. Our culture has modernized and many people desire tan skin to increase their confidence. Today, both sexes tan their skin to appear healthier and have a certain glow. However, young adults are unaware of the effects of tanning, which includes wrinkles, damaged skin, and worse, skin cancer.
In “A Not-So-Healthy Glow,” Bird describes the dangers of both unnatural tanning and sun bathing. Many teenagers and adults tan very frequently, which is not healthy for their skin. As a result, ultraviolet radiation from tanning booths damage the skin and causes quicker aging.
I was impressed by the article and shocked at how there are large amount of cases of skin cancer in young adults due to artificial tanning. Philippa brings up a strong argument about the fact that reality TV stars are unnaturally tan and do not consider health risks they put themselves in.

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