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True S., Ulysses, KS By TruePoeticJustice, Ulysses, KS

Death is a long time coming, but most of it is painless,
Crying takes a heart of steel and my heart is stainless,
You treat loved ones like dirt, until everything goes bad,
Why does it take death for one to realize what they had?
This world is turning black and white, the colors disappearing,
Just take a second to listen to the world, describe what you are hearing,
You don't hear crying or screaming, not even all of the above?
In a world full of hate there is no room for care and love,
Everyday there is people killing just because,
Not caring who the person is or who the hell he was,
You see a girl alone crying, it's fine don't ask her why,
Just wait for her to get taken by a creep passing by,
As you sleep at night, you can't stop from dreaming,

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