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Would You Fight?

By Daesha, Dalby, Australia

The language of my people. Unique. Strange. Forbidden.
We are known as the Capella people. When the humans figured that we were not like them, that we were essentially strangers to their world, we were exiled. We’ve learnt the English language that most of the civilised world seems to be able to speak, allowing us to go undisturbed for several millennia. However, once the humans found out about our voices, and how we could work in tandem with the Earth, we were exiled. The humans feared us, treating us with the only way they knew how to cope. Violence.


My ears throbbed as the sounds of gunshots, explosions and screams permeated the air. The fear coursing through my body urged me to keep moving, to get away from the pain that would surely strike me if I didn’t leave.

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