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silhouette This work has been published in the Teen Ink monthly print magazine.

Danielle C., Byron Center, MI By danielleaturtle, Byron Center, MI

Remind me how we danced –
Bare feet or tap shoes,
Midnight or three in the afternoon,
Drinking lemonade or sweet tea,
The smell of rain or fresh-baked cookies,
details we can't remember
Remind me how we laughed –
Secretly or flamboyantly,
Shoulders hunched or heads thrown back,
Shaking silently or shouting happily,
Foreshadowing or reminiscing,
details that don't seem to matter
Remind me how we were in love –
Calmly or passionately,
Cautiously or recklessly,
Saving it or spending it
Hiding it or showing it,
details that all seem the same
It's funny how details fade
Like a Polaroid in the sun
But we can still see the silhouette –

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