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By ravenswritingdesk, Pond Creek, OK

Jamie never lingered around his school once the bell rang, he always went straight home, so his mother was always the first person he would talk to. His mother was called Pamela by everyone else, and she was used to talking about other peoples’ days before her own because she owned an interior design firm. But even without talking to her clients she could get to know them and all their quirks and flamboyancies, from the way they chose to decorate their homes and offices. That was how Pamela came to realize that even the smallest aspect of a person’s life could reflect upon them.

With this in mind, Pamela did her best to make her own life seem in order. Her appearance was always neat and attractive, and her house was kept clean and was decorated so that it appeared both inviting and livable. Her walls were a soft lilac hue and were accented by plush, beige furniture with light blue throw pillows.

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