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Don't Leave Me

By Claire N, Mundelein, IL

Ryder Rasmussen was known for a lot of things, but patience was not one of them. He was not accustomed to feeling inadequate, nervous, or anxious whatsoever. His entire high school career had been based off deflecting such feelings, as he carefully cultivated a reputation for being relaxed and easygoing in even the most stressful situations. It was what got him through the classes that made the hardcore AP kids cry in trying to get A’s, while he cruised to high B’s, secure that he always had football and basketball in the wings. Not now, though. Not since…he shook his head. Focus, man. He’d been jittery and out of sorts all week, knowing that the day was inevitable.

He leaned back against the wall, closing his eyes . The bell rang, signaling the end of his off period as the building grudgingly came alive with the familiar rumbles of students.

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