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By Madison B., Greenville, NC

It's ten o'clock PM in the world surrounding the Kunz's house. My mother is asleep, curled upon the guest bed with my father. My sister's sprawled out on top of the second guest bed, deep in the land of slumber and unresponsive to any outside force. My grandparents are well into following my family in their own bedroom, their dog nestled between them on the gentle pastel-colored sheets. I find myself stationed for sleep in the sitting room, a movie playing quietly, filling the small two-windowed room with colorful lights and my favorite characters. I'm supposed to be sleeping, but something greater is on my mind. A child with an ambitious sweet tooth, my juvenile mind is fixed upon the white-iced, beaming cookies that sit in their plastic container upon the counter. I'm giddy as I realize that, if I were to grab one or perhaps even two cookies, no one would be there to stop me - no one would even realize that they were gone, most likely.

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