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Media & Self-Esteem: Don't Let It Affect You

By Reshii, Bariloche, Argentina

In our everyday lives, media and society intend to show us every single reason why Hollywood stars, runway models and teenage singers are "superior" to us normal boys and girls, everywhere in the world. What they try not to let us see is that they all are flawless in the most surreal way. It doesn't look real.

Now, doesn't that leave you thinking? How come so many people have perfect toned bodies, Maybelline-ad-like faces and perfectly straight hair, but you go to any clothing store and everybody is just... normal? That's what I've seen. Celebrities are no longer considered well-known people, but just things which are there to be seen, heard, evaluated and envied.

Of course, they haven't been famous since the womb; in some or other way they all gained their place in the spotlight.

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