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In Love with the Ice This work is considered exceptional by our editorial staff.

By mlaunstein17, Pemberville, OH

She takes the ice,
as the cool breeze
dances across her face.
She glides along
to her starting space.
She’s nervous.
The music starts
and puts her nerves at ease.
She feels at home.
This is where she belongs,
it’s where she grew up.
Where she became
what she is today.
The rip of the ice
as she lands her first jump.
The sharp blades
scar the ice.
She spins and jumps
with all her heart.
Hours of long, hard practice
for these few precious moments.
It’s all worth it.
This is what she lives for.
Her passion, and life itself.
But behind it all,
the make-up, glitter, and costumes,
is a strong, beautiful girl
In love with the ice.

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