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The Regret

By writingwithmoonlight, Olney, MD

June and Alice were walking home from school together, just like any other day. But it ended up going in a direction that they never saw coming. There were tensions between the two friends. June hadn’t been spending as much time with Alice as she used to. Alice had found out that June had been hanging out with a group of girls very different from Alice. They were the cool girls at school, thinking everything even remotely related to school was lame. They mocked girls who participated in anything school related, skipped classes and let their grades plummet; everyone wanted to be them. Alice was the exact opposite of them, she was a more reserved kind of girl; she worked hard and got good grades though she herself wasn’t very school-spirited. Because June was spending more time with those girls, she started skipping assemblies, and her grades weren’t as good as they could have been.

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