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March 21, 2013

By TheCylceGoesRound, Raleigh, NC

Music took my life in its hands and shaped it like clay. I was melted butter in a bowl, a ball of silly putty, soft ice cream puddling on the side walk during summer. Music took me by the hair and yanked me to somewhere I’ve never been before. The notes seemed to physically appear before me, forcing their way through my ears and filling up the emptiness in my head. They would bounce around the curved walls, denting my skull into a new form like a smith bangs out a new, metal sword.

I was introduced to different types of music all throughout my life: classic rock, pop, punk, screamo, alternative rock, folk, rap, country and everything in between. In every genre there would be one song that changed everything. There was always something that would change my outlook on life; something that turned up the brightness on the screen.

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