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Kate V., citrus heights, CA By Thormarther, citrus heights, CA

The barbed wire is strapped around me so tight I can hardly breathe. It loosens a little, but I want more. I slowly stick out my bony finger, but the wire tightens its grip cutting my finger and forcing me to stay in its stabbing grasp. People are standing above me free of the wire guardians. A young man rips apart his cage painfully and enters into the glorious freedom. Noticing my pain he cuts the cage holding me from my destiny with an abandoned knife found on the concrete floor. He helps me to my feet. Freedom feels good, like breathing clean open air after a day cooped in a stuffy classroom. The wonderful feeling wore away immediately as I noticed my surroundings, a extremely large cage made of barbed wire as thick a redwood tree. It had three foot thorns protruding out of the twisted steel ropes. The cage was filled with giants and monsters with bloodied teeth and inhumanly large limbs.

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