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The Suicide of Star- Crossed Lovers: Who is to Blame ?

Robin G., Oswego, IL By BrunetteBrilliance, Oswego, IL

Most characters involved in Romeo and Juliet made errors that, using hindsight, lead to the unfortunate demise of the star-crossed lovers. However, following examination of all the acts committed by each blamable soul, Friar Laurence is certainly most guilty for the unforgettable suicides of the youthful teens. While his actions were of a good-hearted nature, what was to come, engraved in the fate resting upon the constellations, was nothing less than a tragedy.

Foremost, the fault that eventually tumbled downward to the deaths was the plan devised by none other than the Friar. “Take thou this vial, being then in bed, and this distilling liquor drink thou off..and in this borrowed likeness of shrunk death thou shalt continue two-and-forty hours, and then awake as from a pleasant sleep..thou shalt be borne to that same ancient vault.

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