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Makayla W., Quakertown, PA By fallenoutofgrace, Quakertown, PA

How can I give my heart when I'm afraid,
How can I look to you and feel trust,
I am crumbling,broken I feel nothing,
But when I see you my heart aches again,
Why do you do this to me?
I don't know I am heartless,
My heart turning to scars and dust,
It beats but not feel, who am I?
I don't know I am different,
You changed me but to better to worse no one will know,
I look to you and my eyes with tears sparkle,
you are me and I am you but how do I tell you,
that your everything that you,
How can a tree shed it's leaves if it knows it will die,
how can the sea make waves that could destroy everything,

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