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Something New

By VastOcean, La canada, CA

Something New

It was a cold, brisk winter where the trees had just lost all their leaves, and Christmas lights were just beginning to be hung onto houses and trees. As I slowly strolled down the street, one by one I saw hot warm houses steaming from the chimney and saw happy faces on all of the children. I’m not an ordinary guy. My family was broken apart when I was just a little boy. My parents got divorced each taking one of my siblings, but left me for last. They didn’t want me, nobody ever wanted me. Even at school I was discriminated for how I dressed, and how my hair looked, but little did the kids know that… I tried my best to look good for them but nothing was ever good for them. My whole life was a slope downwards. I don’t remember a single day where I had a genuine smile, and was actually happy for once.

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