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My Special Boyfriend (Anthony)

By MADavis, Kentland, IN

I have a special boyfriend that is so great to me. He makes me laugh and smile and he even makes me blush where my face is totally red. I have never had a boyfriend like him. He treats me right, he doesn’t judge me about anything I do, he helps me a lot, and he is always there to put a smile on my face. We have been together for three months. He knows me better then I know myself at times and I know him then he knows himself at times. He wants to go to college when he graduates high school. He wants me to go to college for art because he said that I was amazing at drawing. I was just going to graduate high school and not go to college, but he totally talked me into it. I started drawing when I was seven years old because I got inspired with my dad’s drawings. My dad dropped out of middle school and got married and he stop drawing.

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