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They Have Value This work is considered exceptional by our editorial staff.

By ClaireBearH, McLean, VA

Just two weeks ago, someone I knew from our homeschool group committed suicide. The news stunned me. I kept wondering, “Why did it happen?” “What could I have done to stop it?” “How could I have been a better friend?” Ultimately, I knew it was not my fault, but still, different scenarios kept running through my mind about what I could have done differently. The way I viewed friendship changed. Having friends is not about just having a good time, but also helping one another grow and showing support. How can I help my friends realize their value? As I reflected on the question and the tragedy that affected my own life, I determined that I needed a deeper understanding of why people feel they have no value. I discovered three reasons we feel unimportant: people think no one cares about them; they believe that they are weird or different; and too often, others tell them they do not matter.

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