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The Search for Order

April 4, 2013

Bjorn P., Cannon Falls, MN By bJorn, Cannon Falls, MN

Sitting alone in my quiet bedroom, a recurring question pops into my head. “Why do I exist?” “What is my purpose?” “Is there a God?” These questions matter because the existence or absence of God can change how I will live out my life and what will happen to me after death. The journey starts with science, moves through faith, and ends with Christianity. Through this search, I have affirmed my belief in God

The first roadblock to religion seems to be science. Science and religion are always butting heads, but do they need to be? Here is an excerpt from the textbook Conceptual Physical Science Explorations: “Science is mostly engaged with discovering and recording natural phenomena... And religion addresses the source, purpose, and meaning of it all.

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