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Bridget Jones's Diary by Helen Fielding

Priya P., Kodaikanal, India By Priyadarshini, Kodaikanal, India

Book review for Bridget Jones’s diary
This is a book that anyone can relate to regardless of the century or the time period. It has it all. It includes conflict, confusion and love. Love and society are two of the main themes of the book. The way society treats a girl if she is 30 and still not married, the way the girl feels so much pressure and almost forces herself to fall in love.
This diary contains the secrets that every girl is trying to keep. What is special about the book is anyone can relate their lives to Bridget, whether it is counting calories or choosing the best guy. It isn’t the best book out there, or a must read book, but it is a book worth reading. Although it doesn’t take you to mystical worlds and through adventures it depicts the reality of what is happening. We all enjoy a bit of fantasy here and there but at end of the day we know that reality is what is happening to us and that’s what we need to go along with.

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