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China: The Land of the Oppressed and the Home of Extreme Dog Eating

April 4, 2013

Susan S., San Diego, CA By susansh1996, San Diego, CA

Our blessed country today values the freedoms as dictated by our Constitution and, as is our duty, honor them through our many acts of toleration and benevolence: tactfully writing in “under God” to indoctrinate the poor atheists, moving the Japanese to nice little camps in the picturesque deserts of Manzanar, conducting friendly conversations with Communists during the Red Concern. We have been globally known as the go-between, the compromiser, the sympathetic friend; even as a dedication to our love of equality and hate for discrimination, American poetess Emma Lazarus wrote that we welcome “the wretched refuse of your teeming shore”. Of course, as the notoriety of China comes to light, we Americans are shocked by the nation’s absolute disregard for animal and its imperialistic and capitalistic endeavors.

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