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April 9, 2013

Tessa G., Cincinnati, OH By BlueSupernova, Cincinnati, OH

It seems, in today’s society, there is quite a negative perception of youth, specifically teens. A large fraction of adults, specifically older adults, seem to assume that all teens are irresponsible, wild, and dangerous people who drink, party, smoke weed and have sex.
Yes, maybe this occurs- I’m not saying it doesn’t- but, for one, just because you may do one of things doesn’t mean you are some wildly carefree floozy. But you can’t go through life going being afraid of every possible experience, or you will die, full of regret, for you will never have truly lived, never truly experienced this world. That doesn’t mean you have to do drugs or drink- not at all- but you have to live life to the fullest. So why not go to one party when you are young, as long as you are safe, just to have fun? Why not have intercourse with the boy you are in love with when you are 17?

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