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Chris versus Tim essay

April 11, 2013

By Owen S., Woodland Park, CO

“Who would ever believe civil disobedience?” - Owen Spalding. The beginning of this semester we learned about two modern representatives of transcendentalism, Christofer McCandless and Timothy Treadwell. Chris was a college graduate who went into nature to find himself and prove he could outlast nature. Tim was an amateur naturalist who went into nature to “protect” it and seek attention. Although both Chris and Tim sought nature and died in it however they were more different than alike, Chris sought to escape from society and find himself whereas Tim sought to get attention on a large scale and feel accepted.

First I will talk about Chris. His main reasoning for going out into nature was that he wanted to find himself. He connected greatly with Jack London's books about Alaska and felt that that was the only way he could truly live.

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