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The pleasure of discovering yourself

By Maryrose, Cairo , Egypt, Egypt

For many years I had wondered , why I can't enjoy my life ? Why I'm always worried and depressed ? But then I realized that life is easier and simpler than that . It's not always about suffering , as the years pass you by , you'd realize that there are great things in life that we don't see them , we don't have to let these little things spoil our happiness , what's wrong  with you ?? You hate your life while there's so many others dreaming of having yours . What if you had a rough morning ?? just place your hand over your heart .feel that ? That's called purpose , you're alive for a reason.all you have to do is to take a moment for yourself every now and then to think about all the beautiful things in your life and to appreciate the. , take a moment to hope that better days are coming , to be the optimistic person who is meant to spread the sunlight wherever he goes , who expects tomorrow with an open heart , who draws smiles on the faces and  erase all the pains , who inspires others by his words and make them believe that life is woth living.

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