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My View on Homosexuality and Religion

April 9, 2013

By TayloredHeart, Windsor, CT

I do not understand why people are so hypocritical. The Bible says that there are a countless number of sins that people shouldn't commit but yet they do it every day. Lying is a sin. Yet people do it. Cursing/Swearing is a sin, yet people do it. So why attack a homosexual person's lifestyle when you're no better. And then people have the nerve to say, "Oh, well lying or cursing isn't as bad as being gay". Let's take a moment to realize what this person just said. If people read the Bible fluently, (like they claim to do since they love to "quote" it endlessly), then they should know that no sin is better or worse than another sin. Besides, loving someone is NOT a sin. Judging, harassing, and harming someone IS. Love should be the driving force of everything but society decided that there should be a limit on who you love.

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