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By blueforever, Tecumseh, MI


I’ve never seen everyone in such a panic, such frenzy. Instinctively, I turn around to find Eric but everyone’s dashing around the halls and his face is nowhere to be seen. I try to reason, what are supposed to do in a code red again? In the midst of my panic I hear the second ringing of a gunshot and I take off. I finally find my safe haven but the doors have already been locked. This isn’t happening. I pound and pound, delirious while the tears begin to stream down my face. Finally, after giving in to my plea, the teacher unlocks the door and quickly pulls me into the classroom. He gently closed the door, locking it again, and I can faintly see him gesture towards the wall next to the door. I make out the shadowy clump of students and through the darkness I slowly settle myself amongst them.

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