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A Eulogy for my Youth

By wildechild, Davidson, NC

I’ve been thinking about regrets a lot lately. Will I regret not going to prom? Will I wish I had given Chris a chance? I purposefully asked myself these questions when I decided to skip out on “the major events of every teenage girl’s life.” At the time these things were happening, they seemed frivolous to me—like they were getting in the way of the greater plan. But what is the greater plan?
I always thought the future was big and exciting and imminent, but just out of reach. However, I’ve come to learn that the only true realities are the present and the past: what’s happening now and what’s already happened. There’s no use pining for an idea you’ve created in your head. Like in middle school I dreamed of being seventeen and having independence, but now it’s here and it blends in with the mundane—exams, zits, insults from boys—no fantasy involved.

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