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April 24, 2013

By AAAaron, Gloucester, MA

As I came out of the underground chamber the first sight of the sun I had ever seen blinded me for quite a while. I stood outside of the door for some time trying to adjust my eyes to this great light. I started to walk forward and there it was, nothingness just like the rumors had said. For miles all I could see was wasteland with no site of a city or a building or anything for that matter.. Everyone inside had said that everything was gone but I didn’t believe them.

“This can’t be all there is” I said with a feeling of disbelief “There has to be more than this. It can’t just be a wasteland!” I threw my wunderwaffe on the ground. Along with it, I fell to the ground and sat there not knowing what to do next. Hearing footsteps coming up from behind me I braced for anyone who was going to try and stop me.

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