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April 24, 2013

Lileana P., Columbia, KY By WingsForLily, Columbia, KY

A funny fact, most people think, the solitude of the country is ruled by the, fat, white-trash, dirty, and drunk. They have this preconceived idea that people who live far and in between each other cannot function on a 'regular' level. So what, the people of this land talk slow and choose their words wisely? They have generations of wisdom passed down from their ancestors, wife tales, and fairy tales, all holding truths that can be followed and trusted today. The city folk and town people have this glorious idea that everyone is a Bible thumper, bare foot walker, overall wearing slob. We get drunk, knocked up, and high at every chance we get, we are stupid, uneducated and unaware of the happenings of today.

In reality, the south has produced some of our nation's finest leaders: Abraham Lincoln, Ulysses S.

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