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Is Love Punishable?

April 25, 2013

By JFlanny12, Columbia, MO

Is Who You Love Punishable?

At the young age of 4 my cousin, Andy, knew he was gay. All through his child to young adult years he tried to hide his true feelings. Andy knew he could not help the feelings he was getting. He would date girls he had absolutely no love for just to stay away from the harassment and hate he knew he would receive. People would think he was a second class citizen, Andy believed his jobs, relationships, goals, and his life would ultimately be worse than that of a straight male. Unfortunately in this day in age most homosexual teens believe those thoughts and fear for the worst. The problem is you should not be punished for loving who you love no matter what sex or color. Homosexuals are discriminated against just like blacks were until the civil rights movement began.

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