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A Story of Perseverance

By VeeTse, Taipa, Macao

When you have worked extremely hard at something you love and everyone around you, even fate, decides to knock you down- you have two choices. You either stay down or get back up and put up a fight. Perseverance is all about being able to fight for what you want and love even with a multitude of negativity, pressure and challenges grinding you to the ground. I have encountered perseverance many times before regarding competitions, school work and my own beliefs however one of the most significant fights I have had so far would the fight for my true passion.

I have always acquired a dream of becoming a journalist yet, at the same time, been in a “love-hate- relationship” with this field. Ever since I was young, creative writing was not a daunting task you had to finish for schoolwork but a hobby and a platform of entertainment for me.

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